Reconstruction & Repair

After the skin cancer is removed an individualized plan will be discussed with each patient regarding the options for repair or reconstruction.  The repair options are based on the size, shape and location of the patient’s defect after removal of the skin cancer. Small defects often can be repaired with a straightforward Simple closure. More Complex cases may require more moderate to extensive reconstruction; which in virtually all cases can be provided immediately after the removal of the skin cancer, by Dr. Adams, here at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center.


Specialized in Face & Neck Reconstruction

Dr. Adams has over 20 years of extensive experience and training in cutaneous reconstructive surgery of the head, neck, hands and feet; which is a tremendous source of comfort and convenience for his patients. Many dermatologists will send their patients to a plastic surgeon for repair of the area after the cancer is removed. With Dr. Adams' extensive experience and training, it allows him to perform virtually all skin cancer removals and repairs at one appointment.

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Specializing in Skin Diseases, Skin Cancer Treatments
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